About the Office of Mark A. Barradas, D.D.S.

Office | Dentist South San Francisco, CA

When you step into the office of Dr. Mark A. Barradas, you'll immediately feel at ease. The office is designed to make you feel relaxed. Our staff is friendly and you'll appreciate their easygoing manner as they welcome you; their smiles apply to both new and regular patients.

Dr. Barradas is well educated and thoroughly professional. Dr. Barradas' wife, Hilda, is the office business manager and she can help you with questions about payments, insurance, or your past dental records with us. By surrounding himself with a truly great staff, Dr. Barradas has created for you a truly pleasant visit to his practice.

Dr. Mark A. Barradas chose his office set up and location to be convenient for you. You'll never have a problem finding a parking space. Dr. Barradas made sure there was plenty of free parking for you. Don't drive? Don't worry. Dr. Barradas is happy to inform you that his office is only two blocks from the South San Francisco BART station and Sam Trans # 130, which just happens to stop outside the building.